Analysis: A Complete Breakdown of MMA Fight Finishes by Weight Class

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The graph above shows how often MMA fights in each weight class finish by KO/TKO (blue), submission (red) or decision (green).

Results are based on 3,194 fights since 1993 in the Fight Metric database.

The conclusion is clear: the lighter the weight class, the more decision victories, and the heavier the weight class, the more KO/TKOs. Submissions are mostly unaffected by weight.

Here’s a different look. This second graph shows the % of fights that finish period (regardless of finish type).

Same story.

Why do big men finish fights more often? Mostly because big men punch harder.

Striking power increases with mass/strength much faster than the ability to absorb strikes.

Big men can take a bigger punch because neck muscles are stronger and noggins more robust, but that ability to take a punch doesn’t keep pace with the ability to deliver a punch.

The brain is the weak link in this equation and you can’t do much to “pump <clap> that up”.

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