Spiraling Through Mystic Time: A Meditation

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This mediation helps me to clear my mind of unimportant clutter and connect with a deep and mythic, archetypal part of my self, my vijnanamaya kosha.

meditation practice tips Spiraling Through Mystic Time: A MeditationLet your mind be filled with that which is ancient. Let there be Sanskrit, Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic. Watch hieroglyphics dance, maybe Egyptian, maybe Mayan. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what the words mean, or what the letters spell.

Just let your mind reach backwards towards it’s earliest expression. Explore history. Leapfrog through mystic traditions. Slide through firey images of timeless Buddhas, Christian Icons, alchemical symbols. Follow a spiral of I Ching hexagrams. Bow to the major arcana. Let the narrative of humanity’s quest for meaning return you to the source.

The rungs of the ladder of the DNA double helix come apart and recombine, over, and over again. How far back does it go. Find wonder in that which is revealed. Allow the vibration of every holy thing that ever was, is, and will be to rock through you, knocking loose every discordant ideation. Channel the wisdom of the ancients through every limb, every atom. Shine with the brilliance of aeons.