Zara Accused Of Racism For Selling T-Shirt With ‘White Is The New Black’ Written Across Front

| by Khier Casino

Zara has sparked controversy after selling a new T-shirt in stores that has offended customers.

The design, a plain white T-shirt with the words “White Is The New Black” printed across the chest, may be a reference to TV series “Orange is the New Black,” or even a play on the commonly-used fashion phrase relating to a new trend, but some have some found it offensive and racist, the Daily Mail reports.

The item has caused outrage on social media, with one person tweeting: 

Another Twitter user wrote: 

Zara is based in Spain, so the blunder could be due to a language barrier, some people say.

It should be noted that the clothing retailer has similar T-shirts with the words “Leopard is the new black,” written in leopard-print letters.

According to the Huffington Post, the shirt isn’t currently for sale on Zara’s website, which makes it hard to find out when it was first released. It could’ve been taken down, or it’s not currently available yet in North America. Either way, the brand has yet to comment on the issue.