WWE Wrestler Chris Masters Picks Up Tree to Save Mother from Burning House

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WWE wrestler Chris Masters saved his mothers life using the muscles he devoted his life to building.

When a tree was blocking the only way out for his mother when her house was burning down, he pulled the 10-foot-tree out by “bear hugging” it. 

Masters, 30, said he went into “hero mode” on Tuesday when his mother’s house was burning.

Her front door was locked and the only way to reach her was through a window blocked by a ficus tree.

At 6’4” and 265 pounds, taking the 10-foot-tree down was a breeze for Masters. But he admits the adrenaline helped him out.

“You’re not really reasonable, especially when it comes to your mom,” he said. “It was probably the longest hour of my life. The main thing is I got my mom out safe.”

He posted a picture of the scratches he got from pulling out the tree.

“If it wasn’t for my son I would be dead,” Daine Mordetzky, 57, said. 

Mordetzky was trapped in her house when a neighbor reportedly got angry with her and locked her inside by dead-bolting the door. Then he set the house on fire.

The neighbor is now in jail and charged with arson.

After Masters spent a year wrestling in the WWE, he is now wrestling in international circuits like India and the Philippines.

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