Women in Their 50s Have Better Confidence, Relationships, and Sex Lives

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Society tends to believe that, once you reach a certain age, your youthfulness and vibrance go out the window and you take on a life of mom jeans and granny panties. But a recent study reveals that women over age 50 are feeling younger than ever before.

In a survey conducted by Playtex, 1,500 women aged 20 to 65 were quizzed on their lifestyles and wellbeing. According to their answers, women in their 50s have better sex lives, better relationships and better confidence than women in their 20s.

Nearly half, 49 percent, said they felt content with life since they turned 50 and have experienced better sex lives.

They have just as much sex as women in their 20s, at least once a week, and 27 percent admitted to enjoying sex now more than any other time in their lives.

Of women in their 50s, 11 percent use online dating sites to meet men, while 15 percent of women in their 20s use dating sites.

Forty-seven percent of women in their 50s in stable relationships said they are happy with their partners since turning the big five-o.

They also protested the notion that older women can only look forward to a life of “sensible underwear” and slippers, as 50 percent said they still wear sexy lingerie and love matching their underwear.

They’re also not sitting around the house reminiscing about their younger years, as they are more active than their younger counterparts. Almost half (42 percent) said they took up Zumba in the past year.

On top of that, 23 percent want to try out a new sport in 2013, compared to just 16 percent of women in their 20s.

Linda Barker, 51, who started diving this year on TV show Splash!, said now is the time for women in their 50s and older to take on age-related stereotypes.

“We’re not the same at 50 that our mothers were - we are now a truly ageless generation of women,” she said.

She is working with Playtex on their new campaign which seeks to prove that today’s 50-somethings are an “ageless generation.”

Perhaps the most important statistic of all in the survey was the 93 percent of respondents who said they have broken traditions and customs that their mothers had passed onto them. They feel more aligned with their younger daughters and 64 percent describe their adult children as friends.