Women Announces Pregnancy On Facebook, Gets Outed After Having Affair (Photo)

| by Emily Smith

A playful pregnancy announcement spiraled into scandal on Facebook after the mother-to-be was outed as having a brief affair with a married man.

The woman, identified as Christina, shared a picture of herself smiling and holding a positive pregnancy test, The Sun reports.

“Happy to announce there’s going to be a new member of the family,” the caption read. "God is GOOD!!!”

A male coworker commented on the post soon after.

“Congratulations Christina," the man wrote. "I know you and Mark will be very happy. I hope now you’re pregnant, you’ll stop sending me pics of your breasts every time you get horny."

The man went on to explain that he accidentally slept with her while he was drunk at a retreat. He accused Christina of asking for sexual favors at work and called her psychotic.

“I also hope your husband is smart enough to know that IT COULD BE ANYONE’S KID,” he wrote.

The man later added a second post directed to Christina’s husband. He noted that his office is two doors down from Christina’s and that he would be delighted to talk any time. The comment earned 100 likes in over 30 minutes, while Christina’s initial post earned only half the number of likes, according to the Daily Mail.

It appears that Christina’s Facebook profile has not yet been deleted.

Here is the Facebook posts:

Sources: The SunDaily Mail via Nyooz Trend / Photo Credit: Facebook via The Sun

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