Woman's Hand Bitten Off

| by Sean Kelly

A Florida woman was critically injured after an alligator attack.

The woman, identified as Kimberly Ann Sexton, was rushed to the hospital after an alligator bit her hand at a fish camp.

“This woman apparently dropped a can into the water,” Broward Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Mike Jachles told WSVN. “She was standing on the dock, dropped a can into the water, and as she reached in to retrieve the can, that’s when she was bitten by the alligator.”

Sexton’s hand was almost completely severed in the accident.

“She sustained a severe hand injury that was almost a full amputation of the right hand,” Jachles said. The people nearby Sexton at the time were able to save her from falling into the water.

“That could have very well saved her life,” he said. 

Alligator attacks are rare in the area, with one bystander saying people would need to “agitate [the alligators] to get them to do something.” 

“I wouldn’t get too close to them,” another woman said. “I like to stay at a nice distance where I could get some pictures and stuff like that. I mean, they’re very fascinating creatures.”

Daily Mail readers were not shocked by the events that occurred, with many saying recent alligator attacks prove the need to exercise caution when around gators.

“Gators are very fast," one reader commented. "They are everywhere in Florida. If you have a child or a dog, I would not live near a puddle there."

“I hope they're able to attach her hand back on," another said. "Others should be warned feeding the wildlife is fun but by doing so the animals come to see humans as a means to a quick feed. I hope they didn't kill this alligator just relocate him to a new area away from close interaction with humans."

Sources: Daily Mail, WSVN / Photo credit: WFOR via Daily Mail

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