Woman Tries to Smuggle Tadpoles Onto Plane, Puts Them in Mouth

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A South Korean woman attempted to smuggle dozens of tadpoles through airport security in China, and when she was caught, she drank the tadpoles in an effort to keep them.

Guards noticed she was carrying a bottle of liquid with her carryon luggage, and told her to either throw the liquid out or drink it before she boarded the plane.

The woman chose to drink it, but not swallow it.

When they noticed she had not swallowed it, they told her to spit it out.

She listened to the guards and spit out the liquid, which to everyone’s surprise, contained tadpoles.

After she was confronted about the plan, she said she wanted to keep the tadpoles because they were given to her by a friend.

They still made her throw the tadpoles away before boarding the flight.

Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time someone has tried to smuggle amphibians onto a plane.

In 2011, two men from Japan were arrested at LAX after they tried to smuggle more than 50 live turtles in cereal boxes.

They were arrested as part of an investigation into live animal smuggling called “Operation Flying Turtle.”

They put the turtles in snack food boxes inside a suitcase.

The men were charged with two-count criminal complaint with one count of illegally importing wildlife into the U.S., an offence which threatens a maximum of 20 years in federal prison.

One man was jailed for 21 months and the other for seven months.

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