Police: Woman Tried To Drown Herself And 2-Year-Old

| by Sheena Vasani

Police say a Wisconsin woman attempted to drown herself and a 2-year-old boy in Lake Michigan on March 28.

Officials pulled the woman, age 21, and the child out of the water near Milwaukee's McKinley Marina, WITI reports. It is unclear what the exact relationship is between the woman and the boy.

"The [woman] was located approximately 10-15 feet off the sea wall. The baby was a little bit closer. Just trying to get to them as quickly as I could and get them to my cohorts up on the shore," Officer Tobias Golembiewsk, who was the first in the water to pull the two out, said.

"Both of them were in cardiac arrest when they were removed from the water. We were doing CPR and transported both of them to the hospital," Terry Lintonen with the Milwaukee Fire Department said.

The child survived, but the woman died later in hospital.

"Initially seeing the child in the water is always kind of shocking -- but having to revive him, the greatest sound in the world is when he started crying again," Officer Tim Ptaszek said.

Witnesses told authorities it appeared she intended to kill herself and the child.

"It's heart-wrenching. It makes you feel chills to your bones," Renee Klofanda said.

In another incident on March 11, a Montana woman, who had postpartum depression, took her own life after shooting and killing her husband and child, the Daily Mail reports.

Jennifer Knarr killed her husband, Joseph, and her 6-month-old son, Daniel, at the family home in Bozeman. She called 911 before killing herself.

Police say they are not sure why she pulled the trigger, but those who knew Knarr said she had been depressed since she had given birth to her son.

“It was emotional and tough but every single person that I talked to was strong and every one of them understood what happened,” Sheriff Brian Gootkin said.

“My heart is just so sad, oh my word, I live just across the street and didn't know anything,” a neighbor said. “We waved, and they were a quiet family. They moved in a couple months ago and didn't know anything. Kind of feel so helpless that we weren't able to help be there.”

Sources: WITI, Daily Mail / Photo credit: WITI

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