Woman Throws Boiling Water On Boyfriend's Groin Over Rumors That He Slept With Her Daughter

| by Emily Smith

A 45-year-old woman was jailed after she threw boiling water on her boyfriend’s groin, following rumors that he had slept with her daughter.

Helen Corbett allegedly raised a kettle above Peter Bailey’s genitals and yelled the accusation at him, then released the boiling water. Although Corbett missed Bailey’s genitals, he was left with severe burns and scarring on his leg.

Bailey noted that he has had trouble sleeping and has flashbacks of the incident.

Despite the attack, Bailey reported that he’s willing to forgive Corbett, since he considers them even after he decided to sleep with her daughter, Crystal, after the boiling water incident.

“She made a mistake when she threw the water on me and I made the mistake when I got with Crystal,” Bailey said.  “We are both equal now so I hope we get back together again.”

Although Bailey admitted that his relationship with Corbett had its good and bad days, he still insists that he loves her. He noted that the two exchange letters and that a recent card from Corbett insisted that she wanted to be with him.

Newcastle Crown Court Judge John Evans reported that he considered releasing Corbett, but later decided that would be “setting her up to fail” since she had ignored previous court orders to keep a distance from Bailey.

Sources: Metro, Elite Daily

Image Credit: NCJ Media Ltd.