Woman Shares Graphic Photos Of Her Dog After It Was Fatally Shot By Her Neighbor (Graphic Photos)

| by Jonathan Constante

A Choctaw, Oklahoma, woman is looking to get justice for her dog after it was fatally shot by her neighbor because it trespassed on his property.

A disturbing picture of Hayley Booth Lamirand’s dog has been making the rounds on Facebook, KFOR reported. It shows the dog bleeding profusely from its nose after allegedly being shot by the dog owner’s next-door neighbor.

“I just heard someone yell, 'Get the eff outta here' and heard four rapid gunshots,” Lamirand told KFOR.

Lamirand sent her boyfriend to go look for her two dogs. They found Apollo first and then Charlie.

“As soon as I went to check his back leg, I saw my other dog trying to get across the fence, and he was very bloody,” Lamirand said. “It was just pouring out of his nose.”

WARNING: Graphic Images

Charlie was shot once. Both dogs were on the neighbor’s property at the time of the incident and the man who shot at the dogs said he did so because they were attacking his horses.

Lamirand said she doesn’t believe that was the case.

“I thought he was going to shoot me,” she said. “I didn’t know that for sure, but I felt threatened.”

Charlie and Apollo were taken to the veterinarian. She was initially told that Charlie would be fine, but then she received a phone call.

“Got a call at 1:30 this morning, the damage was too much and that he wasn’t going to make it and that there was nothing we could do to fix it,” she said. “They need to euthanize him, and they did and, instead of coming home like he was supposed to, he’s coming home in a box.”

Lamirand said she partly blames herself for not tying them up for the night.

“I will be honest, my dogs have gotten over their fence a lot,” she said. “He has a bass pond back there, and they love to go swimming in it. They’ve gotten back there a handful of times, and there has never been a word said to me about it.”

Lamirand said she now wants justice for Charlie.

“Most of all, I want an apology, but I want him to pay,” she said. “My children were out there. He really was reckless with that gun.

“When he shot four times, he missed him three. Those bullets could have ricocheted and hit my children or my boyfriend.”

Choctaw police said the case will likely have to be handled in a civil manner. Lamirand was given a ticket for the dogs being loose in the neighborhood.

Sources: KFOR, Facebook / Photo Credit: Screenshot from KFOR

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