Owner Wouldn't Pay Shelter $20 For His Dog (Video)

| by Zara Zhi

A lonely, confused dog, named Jake, was found wandering the streets of Los Angeles. Even sadder was the fact that Jake was born completely blind (video below).

The shelter took him off the streets and contacted his owners. But the owners refused to take the dog back because of the shelter's $20 reclaiming fee, according to Little Things.

Tera, the director of Doggie Protective Services, says, “We know that the folks who owned him came to the shelter, seeking him out, and then opted not to pay the very minimal fee. They basically said he wasn’t worth it.”

Jake’s former family’s heartlessness meant he stayed at the shelter. The chances of him being adopted again were slim due to his blindness.

Tera explains, “Most of the time, a blind dog in the shelter in Southern California is not adoptable at all.”

The workers at Doggie Protective Services fell in love with Jake’s wonderful personality and decided to do whatever it took to find the pup a new home.

“It is truly the tale of hope. From the moment we met Jake will forever be one of our favorite dogs. He is so fun-loving, so snuggly, gets along with everybody -- he just has a personality,” says Tera.

But as soon as people would ask about Jake, they would revoke offers of adoption after learning about his blindness.

“Just such a highly adoptable dog, and then you have that he’s blind. If people could have seen past that, they would have just seen the amazing dog he was.”

After weeks of spreading the word through local adoption events, Jake was finally adopted by a woman named Heidi.

His adopted mother would stop by and spend time with Jake whenever she could. Heidi felt an immediate connection to the blind dog, but couldn’t adopt him because she already had several other dogs.

One day, Heidi decided to take a chance on Jake and it changed their lives forever.

“After that adoption, it just blossomed into a beautiful relationship,” says Heidi.

Despite being blind, Jake is thriving.

“He runs on the beach just like my dogs do. He attacks his brothers just like any other dog would. He has developed the ability to know in my yard where he can run. He plays like they do. He’s like any other dog.”

Sources: Little Things / Photo credit: Little Things

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