Woman Knocks Man Out After He Asks What She Charges For Sex (Video)

| by Jonathan Wolfe

A cocky clubber picked the wrong woman to mess with in Atyrau, Kazakhstan this week.

Kondrat Golubev, 32, was outside of a club taking a cigarette break when he spotted and approached two women. He first asked the women if they’d like to come inside and grab a drink with him, but the women declined.

With his ego wounded fresh off of the rejection, Golubev decided to leave the ladies with a parting insult. Here’s what one witness recalls him saying.

"He obviously thought that he was in with a chance, as he tried to ask them for a drink,” the witness says. “And when they told him to get lost, he decided to insult them by asking if they were prostitutes and how much it would cost.”

Not the best idea. One of the women was so offended by the dig that she reared back and knocked Golubev out. Seriously. He was taken to the hospital with a concussion moments later.

Check out this hit:

Police say it’s obvious this wasn't the woman's first time hitting someone.

"We have seen the video and believe the woman who threw the punch is trained in some form of martial arts,” an Atyrau police spokesperson tells Mirror. "We don’t think she is a boxer because of the way her thumb extends over the top of her index finger. But the force behind that punch was so great we suspect this is not the first time she has hit something hard."

Golubev was taken to the hospital following the punch and treated for a concussion.

Sources: Mirror, YouTube