Six Flags Refuses Entry to Woman In A T-Shirt (Photos)

| by Jonathan Constante

A New Jersey woman is calling out Six Flags Great Adventure after a security guard asked her to change her clothes because he found her V-neck T-shirt and jean shorts "inappropriate."

Bina Ramesh was celebrating her 22nd birthday at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey, on July 10 with her friends when she was stopped by a security guard, Seventeen reported.

"I was re-entering the park with my friends after I was already admitted earlier that day," Ramesh told Seventeen. "I had forgotten something in the car. Going back in, I had to go through the metal detectors again, which had lights that picked up the neon light blue bralette I was wearing under my T-shirt."

A male security guard stopped Ramesh and called for a female security guard. The security guard came over to Ramesh and said her shirt was "inappropriate" and "against park rules."

"I was so upset and angry," Ramesh recalled. "My mother saw me leave the house this morning and she didn't think it was inappropriate. And how could I have been let in earlier that day by a female guard? Now suddenly the rules have changed when there's a male guard paying closer attention to my cleavage?"

Ramesh was given the option of being escorted into the theme park by the female security guard to purchase a T-shirt. Ramesh refused.

A friend pointed out that a man wearing a see-through shirt with cut-outs at his nipples was allowed into the park. "It's different,” the security guard allegedly said. “He's a boy and doesn't have boobs."

Instead of buying a new T-shirt, Ramesh went into the parking lot and switched shirts with her male friend. They re-entered the park with no problems. They switched shirts again once they entered.

Ramesh said she was still upset and embarrassed over the incident. She took to Facebook to slam Six Flags for its dress code policy.

“As I was entering Six Flags I was stopped by security because my top was considered inappropriate for the park's standards,” Ramesh wrote. “Apparently when a boy wears the same top it's fine, so thank you for swapping shirts with me in the parking lot because we still live in a world of ridiculous double standards and sexism.”

Six Flags' official dress code policy states:

"In keeping with our family-friendly environment, and for safety reasons, Six Flags enforces a dress code. Proper attire must be worn in the park at all times, including shirts and appropriate footwear. Clothing or tattoos with offensive language or graphics are not permitted at any time. Examples of clothing not permitted are those displaying: Profanity, Pornography, Graphic violence, Support of drugs and drug use, Gang symbols, Promotion of discrimination against any group. Bathing suits may be worn only in water park areas. Park admission may be denied if clothing or tattoos are deemed to be inappropriate by management and the Guest refuses all reasonable options. Shirts cannot be turned inside out as a solution."

"We apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused this guest,” Public Relations Supervisor Kaitlyn Pitts said in a statement. “Similar to many public venues, we strive to maintain a family-friendly environment."

Still, Ramesh believes Six Flags needs to change its policies.

"What they did to me was unfair," Ramesh added. "I want them to face the consequences for how they made me feel. They made me feel like I was inferior to a man because I was not allowed to wear the same thing as a man."

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