Woman Kicked Out Of Home For Not Paying Fees, Likens Experience To Communist East Germany

| by Jonathan Wolfe

Newsflash: sometimes there are important things in the mail.

Yes, it’s easy to grow weary of sorting through your mail when 90% of it is credit card offers and sale catalogs. But every once in a while something really important is mixed in there -- like bills or, who knows, maybe even a homeowners association fee. If this is the case you should probably open the letter. Otherwise you’ll end up like Ingrid Boak. Who is Ingrid Boak, you ask?

She is America’s worst mail reader.

Boak was kicked out of her home after she ignored requests from her neighborhood’s homeowners association for six years asking her to pay her annual $48 fee. Boak, 75, claims she travels a lot and, because of this, rarely uses the benefits offered through her homeowners association.

For some reason, she figured this meant she was exempt from paying her annual homeowner fees. She was sent over 30 notices warning her that if she didn’t pay her $288 in overdue homeowners association fees that her house would be foreclosed on. She didn’t open any of the letters. If you think that sounds like a bad idea, that’s because it is.

Boak came home one day to find a handwritten note on her door saying her house had been sold. The woman’s previously good credit has been ruined, and she is now forced to rent out her old home from its new owner for $900 a month.

Boak likens the homeowners association selling her home to when the East German government revoked her father’s property rights.

"Now I'm 75, and the same thing is happening to me, in America," she said.

Simple solution:

Step 1: Open your mail.

Step 2: Avoid East Germany

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