Woman Jailed For Not Cutting Her Grass

| by Amanda Andrade-Rhoades

Brittney Rhodes was arrested by Memphis, Tennessee, police on Sunday during a traffic stop, but her apparent crime didn’t happen on the road. 

Rhodes, who lives in Westover, Tennessee, had a warrant out for her arrest for failing to cut the weeds or high grass in her yard.

On Monday, the grass in front of Rhodes’ home was just a couple inches long. 

Rhodes spent time in jail after missing her court date. She had been ordered to appear in environmental court due to the state of her lawn, but Rhodes’ family said they were unaware she was even in trouble and that Brittney never received a letter notifying her of her day in court.

Rhodes’ bail was set at $250. Environmental court officials told WREG they couldn’t comment on the ongoing case, but said people frequently go to jail on charges like this after they miss a court date.

Rhodes’ father, Ricky Rhodes, believes the police are misusing their resources pursuing his daughter, no matter the state of her lawn. “I think the [police] have a lot of other crime they could be dealing with than the grass,” he said.

Rhodes is due in court tomorrow.

Source: WREG / Image via Marcus Obal/Wikimedia Commons