Woman Involved In Brutal Attack On Ohio Teen Tells Her Side Of The Story

| by Kathryn Schroeder

One of the women captured on video attacking an Ohio teen has given her side of the story in a new interview.

The brutal attack on 19-year-old Cheyanne Willis was previously reported by Opposing Views.

Willis was driven to a mall parking lot in suburban Cincinnati by her former boyfriend, 20-year-old Quincy Gardner.

A group of six women were waiting in the parking lot and allegedly assaulted Willis.

Willis claims her head was slammed against the car, her hair cut, and that each woman took turns beating and kicking her.

A video of the attack was later posted to Facebook.

Eyeliner was used by the women to write, “I got my a— whooped,” on Willis’ forehead before each woman signed her name below the statement.

The women stole Willis’ purse, containing $50 and her cellphone.

The women also allegedly told Willis they would kill her if she reported the attack to police.

Police put up wanted posters for Cheyenne Fisher and Gardner after identifying them in the video.

Fisher has since spoken out in an interview with WCPO, prior to turning herself into police, which she says she plans to do.

“I didn’t really punch her or anything, I just slapped her up and pretty much put fear in her heart,” Fisher said.

According to Fisher, Willis stole her car and she planned to take the car back when she and Willis met in the mall parking lot.

Fisher claims Willis started the fight by swinging first.

Why the video does not show what Fisher claims is because the other people there — including Willis’ ex-boyfriend — did not begin videotaping until after Fisher fought back, she said.

"She's hollering, cussing him out, cussing me out, then charged at us," Fisher said. "We didn't plan on fighting or anything — we just planned on going, getting my car, and leaving."

“There's not really much I can say. It was petty, but it happened all fast. I mean, it is what it is,” Fisher added.

Fisher said she loaned Willis her car to drive to work and other places a month ago.

Willis claims she put money down on the car and was in the process of purchasing the vehicle. Fisher denies this is the case.

"She stole my car," Fisher said. "Everyone's saying that I sold it to her. She did not give me money for anything."

A police report was allegedly filed by Fisher with the Colerain police, but the office has no record of it.

Police are investigating the incident, but no charges have been filed in the attack, reports The Daily Mail.

Sources: The Daily Mail, WCPO / Photo Source: The Daily Mail