Woman Hits Bald Eagle With Car, Fights To Save Its Life (Photo)

| by Sean Kelly

A bald eagle hit by a car in Danbury, Wisconsin, was saved by the same woman who collided with the beloved bird.

Robbie Tribbey and her son, Devin, were driving on Sunday when the spotted a bald eagle -- the national bird and national animal of the U.S. -- eating roadkill on the side of the road, according to Fox 9. When the eagle tried to fly away, it moved towards Tribbey’s car — causing the two to collide unavoidably.

“First I was scared to death, then I just wanted to cry because that poor bird,” she told Fox 9.

For three hours, she and her son helped the bird by holding up blankets to keep other cars away. They later brought the eagle, who they named America, to a rehabilitation center in nearby Duluth. 

“My second thought was this is a once in life time experience, it’s never going to happen to either one of us again,” Tribbey said.

When America arrived at the rehab center, it was determined that the bird would need x-rays at the University of Minnesota’s Raptor Center. Wildwoods Rehabilitation Center posted an appeal on their Facebook page, calling on a volunteer to make the trip to Minneapolis. 

('America' the Bald Eagle)

Tribbey came to the rescue once more, loading her car and making the drive to Minnesota alongside her son. 

“In the car, I looked at him and said, 'How many people do you think are on the road right now with a bald eagle in a box?'" she said. 

America survived the accident with only some bumps and bruises and is now beginning to stand and eat on her own. 

“I wanted to give my sons a lesson in being kind and doing good,” Tribbey said. “I really want to see America released, and I would love to be there when that happens."

Sources: Fox 9, MPR News

Photo credit:, Wildwoods via MPR News