Woman Finds Out Her Husband Is Cheating And Sells His $200K Porsche At 90% Discount

| by Dominic Kelly

After an angry wife discovered that her husband was cheating on her, she decided to get even with him by selling his prized Porsche for a discounted price of $20,000.

Reports say that the Melbourne-based woman had some suspicions about her husband of 25 years and eventually came to discover that he had been cheating on her.

“I had hunches that my husband was cheating so I followed him out on what he said was a ‘guys poker night’ to find him at a five-star restaurant cuddling up to this young blonde woman,” the woman wrote in an advertisement for the car on

While the Porsche’s value is way more than the wife’s asking price, with some reports valuing it at around $200,000, the wife decided she needed to sell it for much cheaper mostly in an effort to get back at her longtime husband.

“I have been married to this unfaithful poor excuse for a human being for over 25 years and yes we are wealthy,” the woman confessed. “So to pay him back, as I have rightful ownership of his precious Porsche, I have decided to sell it for a specific price of $20,000.”

Why did the wife specifically want to sell the car for only $20,000? Because that's just enough money for her to go to Europe, find a nice gentleman and really get back at her husband.