Woman Find 50 Pearls In An Oyster While Eating Lunch

| by Amanda Andrade-Rhoades

Toni Elliott was having lunch at Puckett's Boat House in Franklin, Tennessee, when she found a surprise inside her fried oysters.

“She put an oyster in her mouth … and pulled out a pearl,” server Eric Horton said. 

Finding just one pearl in an oyster is common, but Elliott got lucky several times over.

“She ended up pulling 50 pearls out of this oyster,” Horton said. He helped Elliott collect the pearls by grabbing a container for her.

“I'm one of the longer tenured people here, so having seen that [and] being a part of that is pretty cool,” Horton said. 

Pearls are formed when a grain of sand enters the oyster’s shell. To protect itself from the sand,  the oyster coats the sand in a substance called nacre, which eventually forms a pearl. 

Sources: WFLA, How Stuff Works / Image via WFLA