Woman Cries Rape After Man Films Her In Public (Video)

| by Michael Allen

A man identified as "Bob" of Film The Police Portland recently filmed an unidentified woman who didn't want to be recorded outside an addiction treatment center. She threatened to identify him as a rapist if he continued filming.

In the video (below) uploaded to YouTube by Mike Bluehair of Film The Police Portland, the woman curses at the cameraman and tells him he cannot film her because it violates federal regulations.

According to, the video was filmed outside the CRC Health Group. The man filming appears to be standing on a public street.

At one point, the woman yells, “Rape! He’s trying to rape me! He’s a sex offender!”

She continues with a profanity-filled rant, but it's not clear if she works at the clinic.

In a second video (below), a police officer informs Bluehair that he is not allowed to film into a building from a public sidewalk.

Later, a second unidentified woman entering the clinic makes an obscene gesture at Bluehair.


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Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot