Woman Charged With Theft From Burned Girl's Xmas Cards

| by Kathryn Schroeder

A Rotterdam, New York, woman has been arrested for allegedly stealing money from a young, orphaned burn victim’s Christmas cards.

Kimberly Bradford, 41, was one of dozens of volunteers who helped open Christmas cards in 2015 for 8-year-old burn victim Safyre Terry as part of the girl’s organization, WHAM reports.

More than a million cards were sent to Safyre, who lost her family in an arson fire in 2013 that left her severely burned.

One of the cards included a personal message from the White House.

Many of the cards contained cash and gift cards.

After a complaint was made by the Safyre’s Angels organization about possible theft by volunteers an investigation was opened, ABC News 10 reports.

Bradford is believed to have stolen cash and gift cards from some of the Christmas cards.

“She was found to be in possession of a mail bin, which had several Christmas cards, which were already opened,” Rotterdam Police Lt. Michael Brown said. “Cash was about $800, and the gift cards were about $550.”

Bradford may have stolen more than what police found.

“This is a despicable crime,” Brown said. “You just can’t get any lower than this. Safyre has been victimized with such a tragedy. To victimize her again in this fashion is just disgusting.”

Bradford was interviewed by ABC News 10 about her volunteer work with Safyre’s Angels around the same time she allegedly stole the money and gift cards.

Kimberly Bradford is a member of Safyre’s Angels. She has sat in the warehouse every day for the past six weeks to open cards, read the cards, and track down some of the senders.

“And we just opened it, and I wanted to personally call and thank you for taking the time to think of her,” Bradford told one card giver.

The experience has been so profound, it has changed the way Bradford looks at the world.

“It restored my faith in humanity in such a terrible time in the world with everything that’s going on,” she said. “Just to see the outpouring of love from around the world from one little girl.”

Bradford posted bail of $5,000 and is expected back in court March 10.

Kevin Clark, who helped start the Christmas cards for Safyre program, will not let this incident tarnish the family and organization.

“I don’t want two or three bad apples to ruin the good that came out of this,” he said.

Sources: ABC News 10, WHAM / Photo Source: ABC News 10

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