Woman's Unusual Encounter With State Trooper Goes Viral (Photo)

| by David Bonner

For one Walmart employee, the morning drive to work turned out to be something special.

As she was driving in for the early shift, Kendra Powell came upon a Georgia State Trooper squad car on the side of the road, as reported by Heart Eternal.

The police car looked suspicious to her because the trunk was open and there was no police officer to be seen. Concerned, Powell cautiously approached the scene in her car, attempting to check out the situation.

As she got closer, she noticed that the officer was busy cleaning his windshield. After making some small talk, the officer surprised her by offering to clean her windows, too. But that was just the beginning of what turned out to be a very special morning.

When Powell got off work that evening, she decided to tell the full story of what happened on the way to work that day. So that’s what she did, posting it on the Love What Matters Facebook page:

So, on the way to work this morning, I noticed a State Trooper on the side of the road with his trunk up. I felt compelled to stop and make sure he was okay. I never saw him, just the car.

So, I creeped past at a snail's pace and turned around.

I pulled up to the car and cracked my window, hands clearly visible. I saw a white trooper come from the side of the car.

I said good morning and asked if he was okay and needed help. He smiled a brilliant smile and replied, "No ma'am," [and] that he was cleaning his windows. He showed the bottle and towels to me and I told him he had the good stuff.

He chuckled and asked if I minded if he cleaned mine too. I told him I was OK but he insisted. Highlight of my day.... [a] state trooper cleaning my windows with the good Rain-X cleaner. Every passerby had a stunned expression on their faces.

Then an elderly white couple stopped by and asked if they could have theirs done also. Lol, so he cleaned theirs too. The lady offered to pay him and he said no, just say a prayer for me.... so we did.

Right along 46, in the wee hours of the morning, parked beside the road for EVERYONE to see, we all linked hands and had prayer.

White hands, black hands, officer hands, young hands, and old hands.... gave glory like never before. I was late for work lol but it was truly worth it. Couldn't ask for a better way to start my day.

Not surprisingly, Powell’s heartwarming story quickly went viral.

Sources: Heart Eternal, Love What Matters/Facebook / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons via The Stream, Facebook via Heart Eternal

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