Mom Breastfeeds While Pushing Shopping Cart (Photo)

| by Sheena Vasani

A New Zealand mother captured international attention for breastfeeding her 5-month-old son while in a grocery store.

Jactina Moana,18, was pushing a shopping cart with her twin boys when one of the children started crying, the Daily Mail reports.

"He started crying and I knew he was hungry," recalls Moana, whose family had been in the store for two hours. "I didn't want him to be screaming and kicking around so I decided to feed him in public. I wasn't going to let him starve and I didn't really care what people thought."

So, ignoring the stares of passerby, Moana breastfed her child for half an hour in public and posted of a photo of it on social media.

"Honestly mommy's have no shame if your babies are hungry feed them don't worry about what other a***holes think because I wouldn't leave my babies starve that's for sure," read her Facebook caption next to the photo.

Moana later explained she wanted to empower others like her by doing so.

"I posted the photo because I wanted mums to be proud to breastfeed in public and be proud to be a mum," she said.

"I wanted to tell mothers out there to have the confidence to do anything," she added.

Within for days, more than 1,700 people have reacted to the post and over 450 have shared it. The comments have mostly been supportive and encouraging.

"That's what you call a REAL MUM, someone who can multitask, feed the her baby, push the trolley & look in the opposite direction," wrote one person.

"Don't be sorry and who cares if it offends anyone," added another. "It's natural and we have breasts that produce milk for a reason!!"

A few were not pleased with the picture.

"Babies deserve better treatment than to be fed in the street by a mother distracted by shopping/phone/movie/mates etc etc etc," wrote one Daily Mail reader. "Babies deserve total attention, quiet warm still places to feed, regular routines and time to coo and bond while feeding. That is my problem with noggin women these days who think it is all about them and their 'rights'. They have such low standards of attention, decorum and organization - which they are modeling for their children."

"Whilst I am all for natural breastfeeding and agree that women should NOT feel ashamed in public for a natural and needed act," added another. "I am also pretty sure he wasn't going to starve to death, in the 20 minutes it would have taken to finish her shopping and find a more private location. Time and a place for everything surely."

Is this photo as empowering as Moana wanted it to be?
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