Wife Discovers Her Husband Has A Mistress, Gets Revenge In Best Possible Way

| by Charles Roberts

When a woman found out her husband had been having an affair behind her back, she was understandably furious. She took to Facebook to air out her frustrations and her ex-husband and his mistress immediately regretted their decisions.

The woman, identified only as Melanie, shared an open letter to her husband's mistress on her Facebook page after discovering the affair.

"THANKS Jennifer," she wrote to her husband's mistress. "For leaving bite marks all over my husband's chest last night. No, really, Thank you! You have no idea what a nightmare you have just saved me and my kids from."

Melanie then went on to list everything that Jennifer will have to put up with now that Jennifer is no longer responsible for her ex-husband. 

She concludes, "So Thank you, Jennifer the dumb drunk **** form the tweakers house who left bite marks on my husband chest last night, for showing me that 11 years and 2 children were no match for you! I applaud you on a man well won. HE'S ALL YOURS!"

It sounds like Jennifer picked the wrong woman to mess with.

Sources: NewsiosityPractically Viral / Photo Credit: The Stir