Hunters Discover German Saboteur Caches From WWII

| by Jonathan Constante

A group of treasure hunters stumbled upon five large tubes which reportedly contained weaponry and explosives meant for the future use of German soldiers.

The Legenda Club was traveling in a forest in Latvia when they made the discovery, Mad World News reported. Their metal detectors alerted them to something quite large buried beneath them.

When the group of treasure hunters began shoveling, they found five large tubes that were still intact and still sealed. When they opened the tubes, they realized they had just discovered saboteur caches from World War II.

The caches contained a knife and a French M1892 revolver with a substantial amount of ammunition. They also harbored two different types of grenades and several different forms of explosives.

The hunters found magnetic mines and several detonation devices. They also noticed a chunk of coal, which was actually a ball of explosives in disguise. Saboteurs would throw the faux coal into the engines of locomotives.

The caches also had plenty of tools that would come in handy for making a bomb. They had just about everything a soldier would need to do some serious damage.

The Legenda Club posted photos of their findings on Reddit in April. Several users speculated on what could have happened to the saboteurs.

"Killed?" one user wrote. "Captured? Mission canceled/aborted? Or maybe this was a backup cache the never needed?”

The findings were eventually given to the military and the Latvian War Museum.

Sources: Mad World News, Reddit / Photo Credit: IBleeedorange via Reddit

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