Woman Spends Hours Dangling From Power Line

| by Sheena Vasani

A Tennessee woman was rescued March 25 after she was dangling from power lines following a freak car accident.

Officials found the unidentified woman’s car trapped in a guy-wire on a utility pole, The Jackson Sun reports.

"She ran up the guy-wire on the pole in a freak accident, and the car spun around the pole," Medina Fire Chief Jeff Rollins said, explaining that “she couldn't get down.”

"I've been doing this for 38 years, and I've never seen this before," he added.

After being stuck up in the air for two hours, officials were finally able to help the woman escape.

"The main thing was to get the power lines secured and to get her out of there," Rollins said. "We got a bucket truck from the power company to get up and get her out of there. That was our main concern — getting her free."

Although she was taken to the hospital, she was uninjured. Investigators later learned that speed was likely the cause of the accident and not drugs or alcohol.

This is not the first dramatic crash to capture national attention this month.

Two KTVU employees in California were nearly struck by a car during a live report on a train derailment March 8, WJW reports.

"My heart’s racing like crazy! Almost got hit by a car live on air, but I’m OK-Thanks everyone for your concern," reporter Alex Savidge said on Twitter after the incident occurred.

"I heard Chip… he yelled out ‘Get out of the way!’ Instinctively, I jumped to my right… which is good, because the car came right by on my left-hand side," Savidge added of photographer, Chip Vaughan. “I would like to thank Chip… thank you buddy.”

Social media users expressed their shock at the broadcast.

"I hope the police right behind you came over and arrested that dangerous driver for almost killing you," one user wrote, adding that "you are one very lucky person for managing to get out of the way in time. Here's to improving street safety!"

Savidge replied explaining that police have now taken away the driver’s license.

Sources: The Jackson Sun, WJW and Twitter / Photo Credit:  The Jackson Sun

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