Bald Eagle Halts Traffic (Photos)

| by Sheena Vasani

It's not everyday one gets to say they were delayed because a bald eagle decided to sit in the middle of the road.

But for drivers in Clearwater, Florida, that's exactly the honest yet still unbelievable excuse they may have had to give employers and teachers on Oct. 5, CBS reports.

At first, authorities had no idea why the bald eagle refused to move.

When they investigated further, however, they realized the sad truth: a car had hit the eagle and driven away.

The bird's wing was injured while the animal also suffered a chipped bone.

Police explain they had to stand and wait alongside delayed drivers for wildlife workers to help.

After removing the eagle, the animal received surgery. The eagle will undergo rehab before releasing him back into the wild.

"She's very lucky," said Kris Porter, a licensed rehabber involved in the rescue.

The Owl's Nest Sanctuary for Wildlife said the eagle should be fine.

"The prognosis according to the Veterinarians is very good for this beautiful Bald Eagle, and we are hoping for a speedy recovery and a quick release back into the wild," the sanctuary said on its website.

On its Facebook page, the group added that they are now selling portraits of the bird to help pay for both the eagle's rehabilitation and that of other animals like her.

"We at Owl's Nest Sanctuary for Wildlife are a Non-Profit Organization and all the people here are Volunteers, donating their own time and money for the greater cause of Wildlife," they write. "Your donations are appreciated to allow us to continue to do what we do. Hope you enjoy the series of photos."

Many on social media praised authorities, while others made jokes about the unusual situation.

"Hahaha they're all just standing there staring at him like "yup... You're the cause of all this," one Facebook user laughingly remarked on the Clearwater Police Department's page.

"Kudos to these police officers and rescue workers, no work is beneath these men and women," another user added. "It's nice to know they even take care of the most trivial situations. Much love and keep up the good work!"

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