Police Are Shocked Bystanders Took Photos Of This Accident Instead Of Calling 911 (Photos)

| by Sheena Vasani

Police were shocked when Iowa State University students failed to call 911 after an SUV drove on top of two parked cars on Feb. 9.

The driver reportedly hit the gas pedal instead of the brake, slamming into the cars, the Daily Mail reports.

While nobody was hurt, police were astonished students were taking photos instead of calling 911.

“This morning a driver lost control and landed their vehicle on top of multiple parked cars," Iowa State University Police Department wrote on its Facebook page.

The department added a warning:

“This is a harsh reminder of two things:

  1. Careless driving affects more than just you and your car. Everyone is at risk when drivers aren't cautious.
  2. If you see something, say something! We encourage people to call us when they observe something disruptive or concerning. Unfortunately, nobody called this into our department.”

Aaron Delashmutt, interim assistant vice president and chief of ISU police, added “[We’d] rather get 20 calls about same incident than none.”

Police also explained the icy conditions in the area also played a factor in the collision, and warned other drivers in the area to be careful.

Many expressed outrage that nobody called the police.

“What kind of person stands around and takes pictures and doesn't call it in?” questioned one Facebook user. Another wrote, “And that perfectly sums up what is wrong with people today. Glad to hear no one was hurt though.”

Some tried to understand why the the students chose to take photos instead of alerting the police.

“Everyone thinks everyone else is going to call it in so why should they,” another Facebook user said, referring to the psychological concept known as The Bystander Effect.

But one of the bystanders -- Bryce Sanford -- argues this was not the case. He explains he did not call police because authorities had already arrived before he got the chance.

“A officer drove by one minute after it happened. I saw them getting out of the car as it was up in the air. Turned around to help and the cop was pulling up and parked his car. So I did not call it in. I assumed the cop could do it,” he said.

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