Two Guys In Canada Put Their Lives On The Line To Save Foxes Caught Up In Heavy Rainfall (Photos)

| by Khier Casino

Two guys came to the rescue of two drowning foxes after the animals were stranded in heavy downpour that caused widespread flooding in Saskatchewan, Canada.

One of their friends, Derek Kroeher, live-tweeted Sunday’s rescue as the two men risked their lives to help the animals, Inquisitr reports.

According to the Winnipeg Free Press and the Regina Leader-Post, Manitoba and Southern Saskatchewan declared states of emergency as the deluge of up to eight inches of rain fell in just a few days.

Kroeher also tweeted that it took about two minutes for his friends to swim to the two animals and back to their vehicle. According to Kroeher, one fox tried to escape, but “then realized it was too drained and had no better option!”

While many people across social media are calling the duo heroes for saving the foxes, some mentioned the dangers of floodwaters, Inquisitr notes.

According to, the leading cause of death during floods is by people going into floodwater including driving, riding and walking, and children playing in it.

As for one of the rain-drenched foxes, check it out below:

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Photo Source: Twitter/Derek Kroeher