Dogs Sealed In Taped-Up Box Found On Shelter's Doorstep

| by Zara Zhi

Two dogs were put in a cardboard box that was sealed shut with duct tape and left at the front entrance of an animal shelter in Mississippi.

The abused and neglected dogs were left at the front gate of the Animal Rescue Fund shelter in Jackson on April 26.

Pippa Jackson, owner of the shelter, posted about the cruelty inflicted on the dogs in an April 26 Facebook post:

“I rarely cry anymore. I have seen so much abuse and suffering over the years. When abuse or neglect is placed before me, I roll up my sleeves and get busy. Often times i am angry, at the abuse, neglect, lack of remorse, lack of compassion and the horrid lack of protection laws for the innocent animals within our State; i get quite angry at that.

“But today, i cried.

“Before anyone replies 'well at least they brought them to you' ... Yes, at least they brought them to us. And for the sake of my sanity, i am going to assume someone found these pups in this condition; surely the person who left them at our gate didn't allow their pets to end up like this. That is what i am going on. But, God bless them! Put a rescue in a proper container to transport and deliver to a shelter, snd for the sake of all that is Holy, DO NOT just leave them at the gate like this with the assumption that someone will notice the random box at the side of the gate.

“We will need donations to help with the very large bill the two pups left in this box this morning. Please go to our website and click the donate button. Website is”

The post has garnered 154 likes and 378 shares within two days. ARF told WMCTV it needs financial help to care for the dogs and nurse them back to health.  

Sources: Animal Rescue Fund of MS/Facebook, WMCTV / Photo credit: Animal Rescue Fund of MS/Facebook

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