What Does Each Birthstone Say About You? (Photos)

| by Sean Kelly

Birthstones, gemstones that are associated with the month in which a person was born, have special meanings for the people they're associated with. What you may not realize, however, is that they actually say quite a bit about your personality.

Garnet, the January birthstone, is connected to people who are particularly motherly, Shareably reported. Compassionate, loving and analytical are all words associated with those who have garnet as a birthstone.

Those with the birthstone Amethyst, born in February, are generally spiritual and like to "preserve peace." 

"They also like to think of the big picture. They live in their own world at times and can come off as flaky, but trust that they are looking at the world on a grander level," Shareably reported. 

A person with aquamarine as their birthstone — those born in March — is generally healthy and youthful. 

“Often times, they can wash things clean much like the ocean, which is commonly associated with the color of the birthstone,” Shareably noted. “This person is also very good at communicating thoughts and feelings.”

April's gemstone, the diamond, symbolizes resilience — and on the negative side, stubbornness. Those with diamond as a birthstone are hard to damage and often stick to their beliefs and opinions. 

Those born in May are associated with the emerald. 

"These people are known to be the “glue” to a group. They are unifiers who can bring people of various personalities together. That’s because those with emerald birthstones love unconditionally and are very compassionate. They are also very faithful and loyal!" Shareably noted. 

On a scientific level, the March and May birthstones are quite similar in composition. Forbes detailed the similarities between aquamarine and emerald.

“The underlying mineral, beryl, is identical, but instead of iron impurities, emerald contains either chromium or vanadium impurities which give it a green color. Most gemstones are sought to be free of inclusions, or impurities that make their way to the surface, but emeralds are almost always rich in them, making them prone to breakage,” the site reported.

“Emeralds can be found all over the world, but are most common in Colombia, which produces up to 95% of the world’s emeralds in a year.”

Pearl, the June birthstone, is associated with innocence. 

"These people are in tune with nature. They might be naive, but they are modest and stable. They also have a special relationship with animals," Shareably revealed.

Those born in July are associated with the ruby gemstone, and are known to be “flashy and dramatic,” according to Shareable. “They are very confident individuals who never back down from confrontation or a challenge. They rarely bluff and will always follow-through with their promises or statements.”

August's birthstone, the peridot, is associated with the kind of person who can befriend just about anyone. 

"They are very charming, and according to tradition, they can ward off 'evil' and 'depression.'"

Individuals born in September have the birthstone sapphire, and are known to be "calm, cool and collected."

The gemstone opal is associated with those born in October. Those with opal as a birthstone are often restless.

"While they give off a calm and quiet vibe, secretly, they have a love for adventure and spontaneity," Shareably reported. 

The November birthstone, citrine, is associated with good luck. People with this gemstone are often optimistic and tend to have good luck in most aspects of life — particularly when it comes to finances. 

The last month of the year is associated with the gemstone turquoise. December individuals are described as “unflappable.” Despite being the youngest in their year, they are generally wise and confident.

Does your birthstone describe you? 

Sources: Shareably, Forbes / Photo credit: Shareably

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