Still No Leads In Case Of Mom Who Vanished 6 Weeks Ago

| by Kathryn Schroeder

Mother-of-three Heather McDonald, 27, has been missing for nearly six weeks, and there are still no leads as to what happened.

Heather’s rental car was found with its doors open, her belongings thrown around inside, and the keys nearby on the ground. Her missing cellphone sends all calls to voicemail.

"She could literally be anywhere," Stefan McDonald, Heather's husband, told Dateline. "She wouldn't just leave our girls like this. Something is wrong."

When Heather went missing the evening of Sept. 18, she had just spent a few days with a friend in a town nearby where she lives in Cartersville, Georgia.

"I texted with her that Sunday. She asked what the girls and I were up to that day," Stefan said. "But when I asked what she was doing that day, she didn't respond."

Heather was supposed to come home on Sept. 19, but she never made it.

The officer who informed Stefan of his wife’s disappearance told him how her vehicle was found in the parking lot of the Courtesy Inn off US-411 near White, Georgia, abandoned.

It was unknown how long the vehicle had been there and the motel does not have security cameras.

Police interviewed several people at the motel after a tip was given that a man who was possibly connected to Heather’s disappearance was seen there, but nothing came of it and no arrests were made.

The case is being investigated by the Cartersville Police Department, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, and the FBI.

Foul play is being considered.

A Facebook page has been set up to raise awareness and organize events to try and get the word out of Heather’s disappearance.

The “Have You Seen Heather?” Facebook page had garnered more than 3,800 followers by Oct. 31.

Its next event will take place on Nov. 1 at the Big Lots in Cartersville, which will involve handing out flyers.

Followers of the page have shared information on Heather's disappearance in Ohio, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and as far away as California.

"We just want her home safely," Stefan told Dateline. "Someone out there knows something. Whatever happened, someone knows."

A reward of $10,000 is being offered by the FBI for information leading to Heather and/or the conviction of anyone responsible for her disappearance. An additional $4,000 has been raised through donations that will be given to a person who provides information that leads to her safe return.

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