Watch As This Man Places a Lit Firework in His Pocket (VIDEO)

| by Lina Batarags

It may seem like a lesson so obvious that there is no need to learn it the hard way, but a video from Grimsby, England, shows that a man did discover – the hard way – what happens when you put a firecracker in your pocket and light it.

The man lights the firecracker, and, as it emits some smoke, holds it up for the camera to see clearly.

He then proceeds to place the lit firecracker in his pocket.

After the small explosion, the man can be heard yelping in pain and limping around in his tattered shorts.

Even the friend who videotaped the incident recognizes the man’s poor decision-making skills, calling him a “dopey bastard.”

According to LiveLeak, the man lit the firecracker in his pocket on a dare.

After the firework has gone off, the cameraman asks his daredevil friend, “It was a quick way to get your pants off, though, weren’t it?”

The cameraman solemnly replies, “Yeah, mate. Might use it more often in the bedroom.”

Sources: The Huffington Post, Metro

Photo Source: Metro