Walmart Employee Knocks Out Store Manager in Break Room Fistfight (Video)

| by Sarah Fruchtnicht

A Walmart employee was caught on cell phone video punching out his manager after a heated argument in the employee break room.

The employee appears to be arguing with the manager about something that happened with a shopping cart the night before.

“Ma'am, don’t take up for him because this man is a racist,” the employee tells a coworker who is trying to diffuse the situation.

“He is a racist, and I am a freaking veteran," he continues. "Nobody is going to stand there and disrespect me for doing what I’m supposed to do!"

“You’re such a liar,” the manager says.

Someone near the camera can be heard repeating, “Don’t hit him, don’t hit him.”

Someone else says the employee will probably get fired simply because he is using profanity.

Unable to let the subject go, the worker and the manager continue to go back and forth, until the employee decides he does not want to hear any more. He winds back and punches the manager, who falls to the ground. The employee walks away, tossing his ID badge off in a gesture that says “I quit.”

Warning: The following video contains graphic language and violence. Viewer discretion is advised.

Source: Inquistr,