Walmart Changes 'Fat Girl Costumes' Section Name On Website After Complaints

| by Jonathan Wolfe

Walmart is under fire after shoppers and media outlets discovered a “Fat Girl Costumes” section on the retailer’s website. The section, which sells plus-sized women’s costumes, was renamed this morning due to public backlash and is now titled “Women’s Plus Size Halloween Costumes.”

Jezebel first reported on the offensive page name this morning. An article by Jezebel’s Anna Merlan contained numerous screenshots from the site, which show a section of the site explicitly titled “Fat Girl Costumes.”

Here are a few screenshots:

Walmart's Website Features a Section of 'Fat Girl Costumes'


Twitter users blasted Walmart over the page's title. Kristyn Washburn tweeted Walmart almost a week ago with a complaint. The company offered the following generic response, but declined to change anything until today:


Although the “Fat Girl” section is now gone from Walmart’s site, the following Walmart link still turns up if you type “Fat girl costume” into Google:


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