Walmart Refuses to Sell Beer to Dad Shopping With 15-Year-Old Daughter

| by Lisa Fogarty

A father was denied the right to buy beer and vodka at a Wal-Mart supercenter in Ames, Iowa, because he was shopping with his teenage daughter, reports The Des Moines Register.

Jim Davis, 57, says that when he attempted to pay for two six packs of Budweiser and a bottle of Smirnoff, along with some groceries, the checkout clerk asked his 15-year-old daughter for ID. When she, obviously, could not produce proof of legal age, the worker reportedly refused to sell Davis alcohol.

The dad lodged a complaint against the store and was told Walmart is trying to crack down on underage drinking and has had a policy in place since 2003 that requires employees to card all customers purchasing alcohol who appear to be younger than 40.

“In order to ensure that alcoholic beverages and tobacco are not sold to minors, Walmart is testing point-of-sale age checks in some locations across the country,” according to a customer service statement. “By testing this, we hope to discover the best methods for ensuring that products are not sold illegally to minors. In addition, to comply with federal laws, stores may ask for the ID from individuals within a group other than the person making the purchase.”

Even though the employee was following company rules, Davis says it’s the last time he plans on purchasing anything at that establishment. The man and his wife were faithful customers, he says, and spent $3,000 at the store so far this year. He questioned the logic of Walmart’s decision to ID young store patrons who are shopping with their parents and says if the store is so concerned with the welfare of young people, it should consider making it more difficult to sell other items.

“If Walmart is so worried about underage drinking and smoking, why do they sell alcohol and tobacco to begin with?” David said. “Are they going to do this with other potentially dangerous things they sell, like ammo?”

Davis says he called Walmart’s media department and posed those questions to its representatives, but has yet to hear a response.

Source: The Des Moines Register

Photo Credit: Rusty Clark/Flickr