'I Was So Grateful': New Purple Heart Parking Spaces Help Wounded Veterans

| by Jonathan Constante

A new initiative to help wounded veterans is spreading from coast to coast.

The Wounded Warriors Family Support organization started a program to honor war vets by setting them up with free pre-arranged parking spaces, Fox News reported.

The organization hands out free parking signs to any establishment that requests them. So far, several local businesses, churches, schools and public facilities across the country have requested to participate in the initiative.

“There are an estimated 1.8 million Purple Heart recipients, combat wounded service members who have transitioned back into civilian life,” the organization states on their website, adding that the project is now “stretching from coast to coast.”

Volunteers have included everyone from eighth graders to other veterans. They are given purple paint rollers to help designate the free parking spaces for veterans.

“I was so grateful,” veteran Bobby Woody told The Military Honor of the Purple Heart, adding that the tribute left him “at a loss for words.”

Social media users hailed the project as a great idea to show support for their troops.

“Priorities well placed!” wrote one user on Facebook. “Even if the spot is empty, a good reminder for those who walk by.”

Sources: Fox News, Wounded Warriors Family Support, Facebook / Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube, Facebook