Animal Rights
Animal Rights

What The Meat Industry Doesn't Want You To See (Video)

| by Sean Kelly

An animal rights group released a shocking investigation showing the inhumane treatment of chickens at a hatchery (video below).

The video was filmed secretly by the group Animal Equality, and shows weak chicks having their heads cut off while still alive. Chickens that are deemed unsuitable to be used for meat are thrown in bins without even being killed.

The chickens are poured onto conveyer belts and tossed around by employees, before being shot through chutes onto the next portion of the assembly line.

Chickens that survive the process are moved through the assembly live, stabbed with a vaccination needle and pumped with a growth hormone that allows them to grow to a full size chicken in just 40 days.

The disturbing footage went viral after the group revealed its findings.

"Never again in my life eating chicken or any other meat," one viewer commented on Facebook. "This is terrible!"

Sources: Daily Mail, Animal Equality/Facebook / Photo credit: Animal Equality via Daily Mail

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