Video: Konstantine Myakush Shot Through Neck With Arrow

| by Michael Allen

In Moscow, Russia, Konstantine Myakush was shot through the neck with an arrow while taking a walk with his two daughters, near an archery club (video below).

Myakush was almost killed, as the misfired arrow came within an inch of breaking a major artery.

After being shot, Myakush called his wife, who called an ambulance, which rushed him to a hospital.

Doctors took numerous x-rays before removing the arrow, to make sure that the procedure would be safe. Myakush is now in an intensive care unit, recovering from his near miss.

The archery club, where the arrow was fired from, has suspended an employee while they investigate.  The club has also canceled outdoor archery sessions.

Narrow miss: If the arrow had hit Mr Myakush just one inch to the left or right it would have pierced major arteries