Video: Deaf Woman Hears Son's Voice for First Time

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A 26-year-old mother, who was born deaf, was able to hear her son’s voice for the first time with a cochlear implant.

Amy was sitting in her doctor’s office with her family as she tried out the implant, an electronic device surgically implanted in the ear.

She started crying instantly after hearing her six-year-old son Blake speak to her for the first time.

“Hi mom,” Blake said, as the room erupted with laughter. Amy nodded to indicate she heard what he said.

“I feel weird,” she said. “It feels so different.”

Though she was completely deaf, she still received her high school diploma and college degree.

She escaped from her silent life with the implant, something she had always dreamed of doing but never thought was possible.

“This is just a start to the road ahead to learn what sound is and where it comes from. It was the most amazing day ever to be a witness to this medical miracle and a true gift from God,” Amy’s aunt Catherine Arnold said.

Though the sound provided by the implant isn’t the same as natural hearing, it allows patients to hear and understand speech and environmental sounds like music.

Six months after receiving the implant, Arnold said Amy is continuing to work on speech and sound therapy to understand what sound is and listening to music has become one of her favorite hobbies.

“Her pronunciation has improved vastly and she can hear words and especially music!” Arnold said.

“Naturally, after a lifetime of lip reading and signing, it is still necessary for her to rely on that skill to have conversation in a group. Every day is new and sometimes an exhausting experience.”

“She loves the challenge to improve yet more and she is a joy to be around. By the way, Amy has a high school diploma and college degree! This girl never let anything get in her way to be her best!”

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