Video: Bride Kidnapping In Kazakhstan Caught On Tape

| by Khier Casino

Disturbing footage has surfaced online that shows a woman in Kazakhstan screaming as she is dragged into the home of a man it is believed she is being forced to marry.

The video (below), titled “Stealing the Bride,” reportedly shows a frightened young woman being seized from her home and being coerced into marrying someone against her will, according to the New York Post.

Bride kidnapping is still a widespread practice in Kazakhstan, according to Central European News, with over 60 percent of adults and 74 percent of teenagers had either been victims or knew people who were.

Due to the shocking viral video and statistics, authorities are now looking to make the act of “stealing a bride” illegal in Kazakhstan.

“Often the families of the victims agree because the groom pays them a lot of money,” local women’s rights activist, Anfisa Zuyeva, told the Post. “But it is an outdated and horrific tradition which has no place in modern Kazakhstan.

“No wonder people think we’re backward and barbaric,” she added.

The country isn’t the only one with a “bridenapping” problem. According to the Inquisitr, women in Romania have also been frequent victims of being forced into marrying someone against their will via bride kidnappings.

It remains illegal in the Kyrgyz Republic, but kidnappings appear to have risen after independence and continue to be on the rise as an element of the reclamation of Kyrgyz identity after Soviet rule, PBS Frontline notes.

Incidents of bride kidnapping in Central Asia also have been recorded in Turkmenistan and the Caucasus. Similar rituals — consensual and nonconsensual — have been recorded in Japan, China, Turkey, Ethiopia and Hmong.

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