Video: 12-Year-Old Matthew Lannon Gives Gay Marriage Speech

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A boy who has two mothers and two fathers gave a moving speech about gay marriage to a senate judiciary committee as they decided if they were going to allow same-sex marriage in Rhode Island.

Matthew Lannon, 12, is in the sixth grade. He centered his speech around the relationships of his two moms and dads as a crowd listened.

“We’re not the perfect family, we argue and fight, but we’re real,” he said in an interview before the speech.

His plan to testify came about at the last minute, when his mother told him the day before that she was going to testify. He said he wanted to as well, and his mother warned him that there wasn’t much time.

But he was up for the challenge, and started writing the speech right away, completing it and delivering it to the committee in just one day.

“If there’s one thing you don’t mess with in life, that’s love,” he said.

He said that all his parents wanted was to be treated the same as straight couples.

He urged the committee to view all people as equal, because he does.

“My parents, and all the other gay and lesbian people here, just want to be happy,” he said.

“Unlike most of you, they have to come here year after year, to explain why their love is equal to yours. This year, you have the chance to change that. I say, choose love.”

His speech has already been watched more than 73,000 times on YouTube.

The State House is currently deciding whether or not to make gay marriage legal. Two hearings on gay marriage bills went on for 12 hours on March 21. 

For now, the state does not allow same-sex marriage but does allow civil partnerships.

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