Army Veteran Finds Heartwarming Gift On Windshield

| by Karin Sun

A wounded U.S. Army veteran was moved by an unexpected gift left on the windshield of his car.

The veteran, who has not been identified, left his parked car to go inside a nearby business, Mad World News reported. When he came back out, he found a note and a $10 bill tucked under the windshield wipers of his car.

"Lunch is on me, soldier!" the note read. "Thank you for your dedicated service – from a retired Marine chopper pilot. Semper Fi."

The person who left the note reportedly identified the veteran by his Army license plates.

The veteran, who is disabled as a result of injuries he suffered during his military service, posted a photo of the note and $10 bill to the Reddit discussion forum on May 20.

The photo was also posted to the Love What Matters Facebook page on May 21 with the caption, "Thanks for lunch, wherever you are." The post has received over 34,000 likes and 3,000 shares in two days.

Facebook posters writing in the comments section said they were glad someone showed appreciation for the veteran's service.

"What a very kind and touching gesture," one commenter wrote. "God bless you and the the wonderful person who reached out to another service member."

"This is Awesome, a lot of people gave their lives for all the freedoms that sadly a lot of us take for granted," another poster remarked. 

Source: Mad World News, RedditLove What Matters/Facebook / Photo Credit: B4DILLAC/Reddit via Love What Matters/Facebook

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