Burger King 'Bullying' Veteran Who Sued Them After He Bit Into A Burger With Needles In It

| by Lisa Fogarty

An Army veteran who sued Burger King after he claims he bit into a hamburger that contained needles is reportedly being bullied by the fast food chain after he failed to appear at a Sept. 10 meeting in Hawaii to discuss the settlement.

Clarke Bartholomew says he could not up and leave from Virginia, where he is currently living and working at a new job, to fly halfway around the world to attend the meeting, reports the Daily Mail.

Bartholomew, 46, was stationed in Hawaii in 2010 when he reportedly bit into a Triple Stacker and was shocked to discover it was laced with needles that stabbed his tongue and became lodged in his intestine. The lawsuit states that not only did the former Army sergeant’s tongue get pierced by a needle when he bit into his sandwich, but he later required hospitalization after a second needle became lodged in his small intestine.

After he was hospitalized, he sued Burger King. Since then, he has reportedly been placed on medical retirement from the Army and relocated to Virginia, where he is starting over in a new career as a U.S. Parks Police dispatcher.

“Since I was a new employee, I had no time on the books to take time off to fly from Virginia to Hawaii, for the settlement conference,” he said.

But Burger King says this excuse isn’t good enough. It has reportedly requested that the case be thrown out and that their lawyer fees be paid.

The veteran’s attorneys are accusing the chain of “bullying a represented opponent for not appearing at a settlement conference,” reports ABC News. They claim Burger King violated court orders by not providing written offers and making themselves available for a settlement discussion prior to the meeting.

Source: Daily Mail, ABC News

Photo Credit: Joey/Flickr, (Provided By Tanya Bartholomew)