Urban Outfitters Sparks Controversy With 'Bloodstained' Kent University Sweatshirt

| by Dominic Kelly

Popular clothing store Urban Outfitters is getting a lot of heat for selling a college sweatshirt that looks like it’s covered in blood.

According to reports, the clothing line is selling a Kent State University sweatshirt that very clearly looks like it is spattered in blood, and while they call their item vintage, many others are calling it insensitive.

On May 4, 1970, an Army National Guard unit fired into a group of Vietnam War protesters, ultimately killing four and wounding nine. The sweatshirt, which is not publicized as any sort of reference to the event 44 years ago in any way, is seen by many to still be insensitive to the school’s history and to the number of mass shootings at different schools in America in recent years.

The sweater, which is sold for $129, sparked a good deal of controversy online when it was first discovered.

“Urban Outfitters is selling what looks like a bloody Kent State sweatshirt, so distasteful,” said one Twitter user.

“Hey ‪@UrbanOutfitters, when will the Sandy Hook shirts be available? And will there be child sizes?” asked another person on Twitter.

The controversial sweater is now listed as “Sold Out” on the company’s website, but that isn’t making people forget that it was ever there. Urban Outfitters has been in similar situations in the past; one particular item of clothing featured the word “depression” repeated all over a shirt, and that sparked some controversy as well. So far, the company has yet to comment on the bloodstained Kent State University sweatshirt.

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