Undercover Cop Assaults People During Gambling Raid, Say Reports (Video)

| by Michael Allen

Honolulu, Hawaii, Police Officer Vincent Morre reportedly punched a man sitting on a stool and kicked another man in the face during a raid of a suspected illegal gambling hall.

The incident happened several weeks ago in the Chinatown area of Honolulu and was caught on a security video (below).

Officer Morre, who was dressed in an undercover outfit, also appears to throw a chair at a man in the room and shove a woman near a door, noted Hawaii News Now.

Officer Morre and two other police officers were serving a warrant, but failed to find the suspect during the raid.

Now, all three officers have been placed on desk duty while Honolulu Police Internal Affairs  investigates the incident.

The victims of the alleged assault claim their civil rights have been violated, so the FBI is investigating as well, reports KHON 2.

Sources: KHON 2, Hawaii News Now