Two Teen Girls Carjack, Kidnap, Rob 89-Year-Old Woman, Keep Her in Trunk for Days

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Two teen girls and two teen boys are being charged after the girls decided to carjack a senior citizen and drive around with her in the trunk for two days.

Margaret E. Smith, 89, was going to give a ride to the girls, Junia Mcdonald, 14 and Jackeline Perez, 15, when they asked for one at a Chicken Man store in Milford, Delaware. 

But when she arrived at the house they wanted to go to, the girls demanded her car keys and shoved her in the trunk. They then drove off and picked up two 17-year-old boys to show them what they had done.

The teen girls are also being accused of stealing $500 from Smith’s jacket. They are being held in jail on charges of robbery, carjacking, kidnapping and conspiracy. Their bond is set at $122,000.

When Smith’s family reported her missing later that night, authorities issued a Gold Alert. She was last seen getting in her car in the morning.

On Wednesday, she was found walking around a cemetery, barefoot, nearly 20 miles from where she first met the teen girls.

Police said the girls dropped her off there. She was then taken by authorities to Nanticoke Memorial Hospital. She has since been released.

Smith is traumatized by the ordeal.

“I’m still shaking. They opened the door and shoved me in the trunk and locked it, banged and banged and banged,” she said. 

Officers were able to find her car the night they discovered her in the cemetery. The teens were taken into custody and the 14-year-old was driving at the time the car was pulled over.

Rondaiges Harper and Phillip Brewer, the 17-year-old boys, are also charged with kidnapping, conspiracy and receiving stolen property. They are being held on $27,000 bond.

The two girls are being tried as juveniles.

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