Two Brothers Compete to Give Each Other Hard-To-Open Presents: This One Probably Won

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For two brothers, the joy of giving each other the perfect Christmas gift isn’t enough. They also strive to make sure the other can’t open their gifts.

Basically, they take part in their yearly tradition of wrapping each other’s gifts with the sole purpose of making sure they are almost impossible to unwrap. This year, one of the brothers, who generously bought his brother a belt and an Xbox live gift card, is pretty sure he won.

First, the guy stuck the belt together with zip ties to “make it a pain to unravel,” and wrapped the gift card in duct tape. He placed both gifts in a plastic box and padlocked it shut.

The box is then duct taped entirely. But at least he includes the key to the pad lock – firmly duct taped as well.

He then adds chains, fishing lines, pad locks and more zip ties, duct tapes all of that and places it inside a box --- wrapped in duct tape.

It’s hard to say if a belt and an X Box gift card is worth all that trouble.

Source: ViralNova, Reddit