TSA Finds Knife Smuggled In Enchilada In Woman's Carry-On

| by Dominic Kelly

A woman was questioned at Sonoma Airport in California after a Transportation Security Administration officer discovered a knife inside of an enchilada that was slipped inside the woman’s carry-on bag.

The TSA agent discovered the knife at the Alaska Airlines screening station, and as TSA spokesman Nico Melendez explained, the woman was unaware that the weapon was in there.

"This item turned out to be an eight-and-a-half inch knife that was inside of a wrapped enchilada," explained Melendez to KTVU. " The woman said she had made the enchilada over the weekend and she really didn't know how the knife got into the bag."

The TSA says that the discovery was a violation of Federal Aviation weapons laws. The unidentified woman wound up being detained and questioned by the police, but ultimately, authorities decided she was not a threat.

Although the woman was cleared to fly, she could still face a fine for carrying the knife with her. According to Melendez, fines for “artfully concealed weapons” could run as high as $10,000, although he does say that the amount is generally negotiated with the individual.